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Day 1
Southampton, UK, England

Southampton’s location, at the foot of the United Kingdom, offers an ideal point from which to embark on a cruise out of the UK. With a total of four terminals, the city can accommodate some of the largest cruise vessels in the industry. With fantastic shopping opportunities and a large number of museums and art galleries, Southampton is a cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer visitors as well as those arriving in the area prior to embarking on a cruise.

Day 5
Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

The city of Ponta Delgada is the largest settlement of the Azores archipelago. Situated on the island of Sao Miguel, towards the centre of the Atlantic Ocean, the city is home to a number of beautiful natural landmarks and a collection of fascinating historical relics including the artistic Main Square which contains a statue and a series of arches. Some of the most impressive sights to see during a visit to Ponta Delgada include Lagoa das Sete Cidades Furnas Villa do Nordeste – home to a series of stunning volcanic landscapes; and Furnas, where you will find natural hot springs.

Day 6
Horta, Azores, Portugal

Horta is a significant city on the island of Faial – which is part of the Azores archipelago. It has historically been a stop for vessels crossing the Atlantic. The walls and paths are decorated with paintings by those who have visited the city over the years. It is surrounded by a plethora of lush green features, all of which can be explored during a short walk and will offer a flavour of the island.

Day 11
Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton is the largest city on the island of Bermuda. A visit to this Caribbean island will provide an insight into the Royal Naval heritage, with many forts and subsequent fortifications located throughout the city. Elsewhere in the city, you will be able to enjoy a range of markets, gardens, stalls, squares, pleasant walkways and fabulous golden beaches.

Day 15
Havana, Cuba

The Cuban capital of Havana was historically one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Caribbean prior to the Communist revolution. Commencing in 1965, the communist era of Cuba led to the nation being frozen in time until only a few years ago, when diplomatic relations improved and tourists began returning to this naturally beautiful and culturally-rich nation. Vintage cars which have been used since the 1960’s continue to roam the streets, while many of the city’s buildings have seen little to no change. The locals emit a sense of vibrant passion, which really shows itself in the evenings in the form of music and Salsa dancing.

Day 17
Cozumel, Mexico

The Mexican island of Cozumel is a popular Caribbean resort destination, situated just off of the Yucatan Peninsula. While the beaches offer the perfect place for a spot of soaking up the sun and relaxing, the surrounding waters are even more impressive – with many vibrant and colourful offshore reefs. There are also many Mayan sites located on the island including “El Caracol” temple, which is believed to have once been used as a lighthouse.

Day 20
Panama Canal, Panama

Providing an easily-navigable route between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, the Panama Canal is one of the most impressive man-made structures in history. Having first opened in 1914, it was significant for removing the need to traverse the dreaded Drake Passage in order to travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific or vice versa. It took 33 years to complete the project and it remains, to this day, one of the greatest engineering feats in history.

Day 22
Manta, Ecuador

The Ecuadorean coastal city of Manta is located in the Coastal Lowlands and is a major resort and commerce area. The main draw to the area is the plethora of beaches, with particular mention of El Murcielago – which offers plenty of areas to relax as well recreational activities and restaurants.

Day 25
Callao, Peru

Callao provides an ideal point of access from which to visit the Peruvian capital of Lima and is part of the city’s wider metropolitan area. Here, you will find an abundance of wonderfully charming churches and monasteries. Lima is also one of the best places to try Peruvian cuisine, with particular emphasis on the seafood and a certain dish known as cerviche.

Day 27
Paracas, Peru

The Paracas National Reserve is a popular area on the southern coast of Peru, known for its impressive golden beach. It is also home to an extensive range of flora and fauna, with one of the richest and most diverse desert ecosystems on earth. The Paracas Peninsula is also home to a mysterious geoglyph known as the Paracas Candelabra – believed to date back to the Paracas culture, which thrived around the time of 200 BCE.

Day 33
Easter Island, Chile

The overseas Chilean territory of Easter Island sits in the Pacific Ocean – approximately half-way between the Chilean mainland and Tahiti. Otherwise known as Rapa Nui, this intriguing island is known for the iconic giant stone statues which gaze into the sky. Many of these statues were crafted from the island’s volcanic craters, and it is possible to see many incomplete figures scattered around the area.

Day 36
Pitcairn Island, Pitcairn

Pitcairn is one of the loosely grouped Pitcairn Islands, which are situated in the South Pacific and collectively form the most isolated British Overseas Territory. This tranquil paradise island is one of the most isolated and sparsely populated areas on earth, with only fifty permanent residents, many of whom descend from the mutineers that arrived on the island from the HMS Bounty in 1790.

Day 40
Papeete, Tahiti

The Tahitian city and capital of Papeete emits a fine blend of French and Polynesian charm. There are many historical elements to the city including Louis Antoine de Bougainville (the first French explorer to complete a circumnavigation of the globe), the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Papeete, and the Presidential Palace. With average temperatures rarely dropping below 25C, you can simply soak up the sun and watch the world go by at a more relaxing pace.

Day 41
Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Often regarded as the closest thing to ‘paradise on earth’, Bora Bora’s calm beaches filled with white-powder beaches, crystal-clear waters and lush green palms are truly magnificent. Its remote location in the South Pacific Ocean – as part of the French Polynesia archipelago – provides a tropical climate, with temperatures rarely dipping below 25C. Seeing is believing, and a visit to this sumptuous island will truly take your breath away.

Day 43
Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rarotonga is the most populated island of the Cook Islands and is home to a combination of lush natural features and calm white-sand beaches. The surrounding waters are perfect for snorkelling, with many beaches providing a home to a variety of tropical fish and a range of corals. There are also many hiking trails, which provide a chance to view the local wildlife and the lush green landscapes.

Day 45
International Date Line,

Although it may be invisible, the International Date Line holds considerable significance for marking the point where the date changes by one day. Situated 180 degrees east or west from the Greenwich meridian, the line extends to the east of New Zealand, through Polynesia and between Russia and Alaska. The name may suggest it is a line, but it has been altered accordingly to ensure no nation is divided in two. Crossing the line in an eastward direction will take you back in time by one day, whereas, if you are travelling in a westward direction, you will add one day to the previous date.

Day 49
Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is home to the largest metropolitan area in New Zealand, with a population of 1.45 million people – one third of the country’s entire population. With a wide range of museums, shopping districts, restaurants and natural features, Auckland is a rewarding delight for all visitors. Whale watching, strolling along the beach, exploring volcanic cones, and sky jumping are just some of the amazing opportunities this city presents, making a visit to Auckland one that you will never forget.

Day 50
Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Situated in the vicinity of the North Island of New Zealand, the Bay of Islands is home to an area renowned for fishing and sailing. Each of the main towns offer a beautiful array of beaches, each of which offer the chance for a spot of relaxation, while other extreme opportunities such as sky diving and parasailing are also available. The Bay of Islands is also home to Waitangi, which is where the Maori and Europeans signed the Treaty of Waitangi, in 1840.

Day 54
Sydney, Australia

Often mistaken for the Australian capital, Sydney is the largest, oldest and, arguably, most cosmopolitan city in Australia. With an eclectic mix of historical, natural, cultural, artistic, and culinary components, this beautiful city is the vibrant centre of fun and prosperity. Despite being a large sprawling city, its centre is relatively compact and is where you will find many iconic landmarks including the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There are also many zoos and wildlife sanctuaries located across the city, with the Koala Park Sanctuary and the Australian Reptile Park being of particular interest. You may also be glad to know that Sydney enjoys, on average, 300 sunny days per year – and the perfect venue to fully appreciate this is, undoubtedly, Bondi Beach, which is situated in the Eastern Suburbs.

Day 57
Brisbane, Australia

Situated in eastern Australia, the Queensland city of Brisbane emits a dynamic and vibrant culture – which has helped it to develop into a modern-world settlement. Towering skyscrapers blend with botanic gardens and animal sanctuaries holding koalas and kangaroos create a unique city that will leave many long-lasting memories. Those seeking retail therapy will be glad to know that there are plenty of shopping areas, while the city’s distinctive culture will present itself in many forms including art, music and theatre.

Day 59
Hamilton Island - Qld, Australia

Situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island provides an ideal point from which to admire this spectacular natural wonder.  This island offers a tropical climate and a fine collection of beautiful beaches that each offers the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.

Day 60
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Situated just off of the Pacific coast of Australia’s Queensland region, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral formation in the world. This spectacular natural environment is home to a colourful collection of marine life, much of which can be explored through by scuba diving in and around the area.

Day 64
Darwin, Australia

Darwin is a small Australian city situated on the northern tip of the Northern Territory. Although it may be small in size, it is renowned for being a cosmopolitan destination and for its relaxed lifestyle. This city is home to a multitude of natural, historical and cultural landmarks. There is also the chance to see crocodiles in their natural habitat during a cruise along the Adelaide River.

Day 67
Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island is the only natural habitat for Komodo dragons on earth, providing a unique opportunity to witness these fascinating reptiles. Situated in the Wallacea region of Indonesia, it has been recognised by WWF and Conservation International as a global conservation priority area. A local guide will be able to take you on a tour of the island, ensuring you can watch these creatures from a safe distance.

Day 71
Singapore, Singapore

Founded as a British trading colony in 1819, Singapore has developed into a bustling metropolis with Chinese, Malay and Indian influences. Walking between the rows and rows of towering skyscrapers, you will discover a world of exotic culture, with fantastic food, large shopping complexes and the famous Singapore Sling cocktail. If, however, you find yourself seeking an opportunity to escape this busy metropolis, you will be glad to know that Singapore is also home to a wonderful collection of colourful and peaceful gardens.

Day 72
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The twin Petronas skyscrapers tower over the iconic Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, which offers shopping opportunities and superb cuisine, as well as also providing a base from which to travel to some of Malaysia’s most iconic landmarks. The city can be broken down into a variety of sub-areas – each of which offers a unique landmark or attraction. The Old City Centre provides an insight into the former colonial administrative centre, while those looking to sample local delights will appreciate the offering available in the Kampung Baru food haven, located in the Golden Triangle.

Day 75
Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma)

Known as Rangoon until 1989, Yangon is the mesmerising capital of Burma, now known as Myanmar. The city's history revolves around the ancient Shwedagon Pagoda, a must-see for all visitors, which is adorned with over five thousand diamonds and thousands more precious stones besides. Other places of interest include the National Museum, Zoological Garden, Wildlife Park in Hlawga and the Peoples Park on Pyay Road.

A Buddhist monarchy ruled Burma throughout the 11th century, followed by the Chinese Mongols and the Shans. During this time, the city was known as Dagon and then Yangon, and it wasn’t until the British came to occupy Burma that the name Rangoon was introduced. However, in 1937 it was declared an independent nation and reverted back to the preferred Yangon 50 years later.

Day 82
Cochin, India

The cosmopolitan city of Cochin – also known as Kochi – is a bustling commercial centre and is the financial capital of Kerala. This city has certainly played a significant role throughout history and much of this is reflected in the palaces, museums, and temples. Three faiths are represented in Cochin – Hindu, Christianity, and Islam – each of which is depicted through some of India’s most spectacular glistening landmarks.

Day 84
Mumbai (Bombay), India

A visit to Mumbai is one that will open your eyes. This bustling metropolitan city never sleeps, with a constant flow of traffic all hours of the day and a warm and inviting culture. There are some fine examples of colonial architecture within Mumbai, with many buildings built in Gothic revival, Neo-classical, and Indo-Saracenic styles. You will also notice a number of religious landmarks during your time in Mumbai, with temples, mosques, churches and even synagogues reflecting the cultural diversity. No journey to Mumbai would be complete, however, without trying some of the local cuisine at one of the street markets.

Day 92
Aqaba, Jordan

Aqaba is the only point of access from the sea into the Middle Eastern nation of Jordan. Located in the southern region of the country, it sits beside the Red Sea and is an ideal spot for beach relaxation or for trying your hand at scuba diving. Many significant destinations can be visited on a day trip from Aqaba including Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea.

Day 93
Sharm el Sheik, Egypt

Sharm el Sheik is a popular resort town situated in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula – offering a multitude of beaches and diving locations. With warm temperatures all-year-round, this is the perfect location for a spot of beach relaxation. Those looking for more adventurous options, however, will not be disappointed. The nearby Sinai Desert opens up a wealth of opportunities including safaris, quad biking and camel trekking.

Day 95
Suez Canal, Egypt

The Suez Canal is one of the greatest man-made achievements of all time, enabling seafarers to bypass the Cape of Good Hope and providing an easily navigable link between the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Officially opened in 1869, this 120-mile passage flows through Egypt, from Port Said to Suez and vice versa, reducing the previous journey length by approximately 7,000 kilometres.

Day 96
Alexandria (E), Egypt
Day 98
Kusadasi, Turkey

The coastal resort town of Kusadasi is situated in Turkey’s Aydin Province and looks out to the Aegean Sea. Undoubtedly, the best way to take advantage of the excellent location of Kusadasi is to soak up the sun on one of the many beaches. There are, however, a number of historical landmarks which are well worth visiting including the city walls, the 17th century Kaleici Camii Mosque, and the castle island of Guvercin Adasi.

Day 99
Piraeus, Greece

The ancient Greek port of Piraeus provides an ideal point of access for the city of Athens – with easy links into the Greek capital. Athens is a fascinating city, with many ancient landmarks – most notably the Acropolis, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The area of Piraeus is home to a few areas of interest if you would rather stay close to the port including an archaeological museum and a number of Greek Orthodox churches.

Day 101
Messina Straits, Sicily, Italy

The Strait of Messina is a narrow passage that flows between eastern Sicily and the southern tip of mainland Italy. Flowing in a northward direction, it connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Tyrrhenian Sea and is a popular destination to admire a range of migratory birdlife and marine life. At its narrowest point, the strait of water is no wider than two miles.

Day 102
Civitavecchia, Italy

Situated an approximate 50-minute drive away from the Italian capital, Civitavecchia provides an ideal point of access for cruise passengers to visit the impressive city of Rome. As well as being famed for being built on seven hills, the historic city centre holds UNESCO World Heritage status, with many spectacular palaces, churches, ruins, monuments, statues, fountains and much, much more. One of the most impressive landmarks of the city is the towering Colosseum – which dates back to 70 - 80 AD. The religious prominence of the city becomes clear upon visiting the ornate Vatican City – the centre of the Catholic Church.

Day 103
Livorno, Italy

Situated on the western coast of Italy and facing out towards the Tyrrhenian Sea is the Tuscan city of Livorno. The centre of this impressive city is home to a venetian-style neighbourhood, which is threaded with canals and is home to a fascinating array of architecture. Being in Tuscany, you will have the chance to try a number of divine dishes during your time in Livorno, with many fabulous restaurants available.

Day 106
Malaga, Spain

The large city of Malaga is situated in the region of Andalucia, in Southern Spain. Its position on the Costa del Sol provides it with a warm Mediterranean climate, making it the perfect location for a spot of tranquil beach relaxation. It is also highly regarded in terms of culture, having been the birthplace of the famous Spanish artist – Pablo Picasso. Elsewhere the city, visitors will find a range of religious and historical landmarks including a range of castles, religious landmarks, and a Moorish castle.

Day 110
Southampton, UK, England

Southampton’s location, at the foot of the United Kingdom, offers an ideal point from which to embark on a cruise out of the UK. With a total of four terminals, the city can accommodate some of the largest cruise vessels in the industry. With fantastic shopping opportunities and a large number of museums and art galleries, Southampton is a cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer visitors as well as those arriving in the area prior to embarking on a cruise.