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Cunard's Distinctive White Star Service

With more than 175 years of history, Cunard is one of the most prestigious cruise lines in the industry. Their steam-powered ships have led the way in terms of travel, carrying passengers and cargo such as mail across the Atlantic Ocean since the 19th century. The fact that Cunard is the only line to continue operating regular services across the Atlantic to this day is a testament to time-held traditions and prowess that Cunard represents.

The line's 'White Star Service' delivers above expectations, ensuring passengers enjoy a warm and luxurious experience from the moment they step aboard a ship right through until the end of their cruise. White-gloved officers greet passengers upon arrival and from that moment on, each crew member will continue to offer a high level of service. Whether you want to find out about the onboard activities or have a request with regards to your dining reservation, each crew member will strive to fulfil your requests.

'White Star' is a reference to the lasting legacy and historical connection between Cunard and White Star Line. The elegant and luxurious vessels operated by Cunard today would not exist if it had not been in-part for White Star Line, which built and operated many vessels including the ill-fated Titanic. The line built many renowned vessels throughout the early 20th century until 1931, when they ran out of money while building the Queen Mary. Since 1967, the ship has operated as a hotel in Long Beach harbour.

Following a successful request, the British Government loaned the funds to Cunard to finish the construction of the ship and build a sister ship - Queen Elizabeth. This led to the merging of Cunard and White Star Line as the new company 'Cunard White Star' in May 1934. Cunard had a 62% share in the joint venture and many brand new luxurious vessels were built. However, in 1947, Cunard made the decision to buy the remaining share of the company and name 'White Star' was dropped completely.

The White Star Service we know today is the line's solitary nod to the historical line and represents a desire to maintain the traditional cruising standards of the past. Had it not been for this golden era of travel across the seas, Cunard, as we know it today, would probably have never existed.

While Cunard continues to be the only line to operate a regular service across the Atlantic, taking passengers from Southampton to New York; the line also takes passengers to exotic destinations around the world. From the golden beaches of the Mediterranean to the cultural cities of Far East Asia, Cunard offers the same traditional level of service and luxurious features on every sailing.

For more information about the full range of sailings available with Cunard, contact our friendly Cruises from the UK sales team via the freephone number above or enquire online and let us get back to you.