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Exploring the UK's Nearby Ports - Copenhagen

When heading up into the Scandinavian region, the first country you are likely to see is Denmark. Being a regular stop for cruisers who are taking on a Scandinavian cruise, Copenhagen has become a chic modern centre with a lot to offer. Even though Amsterdam has already been dubbed as the “bike city of Europe”, it's actually Copenhagen that has been voted as the most bike-friendly city from around the world. So here are a few reasons why you should consider adding Copenhagen to your next cruising itinerary.

Plenty Of Ways To Explore

Copenhagen is a diverse city, and finding its treasures is what makes it such a prominent tourist hub. But what makes exploring this cultural gem so fascinating, is the number of ways in which you can get around the city. From bikes to buses and the scenic pathways, Copenhagen has an abundance of green parks for tourists and locals to escape the city buzz.

With the city being split into two separate islands Zealand and Amager, guests can experience both sides of the city with a different experience. Finally, to keep things authentic, we recommend using a bike during the warmer days of the year and navigate the streets like a local.

Delicious Treats Along The City Streets

It's no secret that the Dane's are passionate about their food and more excitingly their pastries. Like finding pizza in Italy or paella in Spain, eating international food from its home country always taste that little bit better. With aligning every city street, it's difficult not to take the chance to try out some of the best baked good from around the world.

Apart from the delicious selection of baked goods, Denmark also prides itself on their restaurants too. From local eateries to Michelin star restaurants like Noma, cruisers can find their perfect little spot to tuck into some original Aebleflæsk or the national dish Stegt flæsk.


Copenhagen has a long-standing history and the city dates back to the early 10th century and throughout its history has boosted itself in more than just an economic standpoint but in more intricate matters including the Danish Golden Age, which brought around its Neoclassical style. As mentioned before the city holds several monuments including the Tivoli Garden's which is the second-oldest operating amusement park and the second-most popular seasonal amusement park in the world.

Apart from the mass theme park situated in the centre of Copenhagen, there are other castles dotted around the cityscape, plus the iconic little mermaid statue by Edvard Eriksen.  


Finally the Danish locals. Ranking multiple times as the happiest people in the world, Danish people are known for their hospitality and politeness. Getting to know the local's is an essential part of your Copenhagen stop, and even if you are just asking for directions, someone will be happy to help.

The term “hygge” also came from Denmark, the word loosely translates to cosiness and has become a more popular term outside of the country recently.

If you would like to experience Denmark for yourself, then call us today on 0808 163 7523 or contact us through our website.