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Exploring the UK’s Nearby Ports – Tallinn

Taking our adventures further afield from the UK. Tallinn, Estonia’s capital has recently immerged as a prominent cruising destination within Europe and attract adventurers from far and wide who fall in love with its medieval architecture. But what most travellers seem to miss about Tallinn is it’s a lot more than just your average historical hub, from mass seasonal events to never-ending walkways, Tallinn encompasses everything you would want in a city.

In With The Old And In With The New

Just like other medieval cities from around the world, Tallinn has an old town and a new. Being the main attraction, Vanalinn (Tallinn’s old town) should be your first port of call, whether you want to see charming cobbled streets or the stunning Alexander Nevsky Cathedral which was built in the 19th-century, there are plenty of options for every type of traveller. Inside the towering walls, visitors can experience authentic Estonian food boasting the best restaurants in the entire country. If you would prefer to learn more about Estonia’s history there are a wealth of museums, monuments and galleries that delves into the city intricate history.

Outside of the old town, you can expect a completely different vibe, places like Kalamaja a working-class area throughout the 1920-30s has been completely renovated with cosy café’s, boutique shops and astonishing entertainment venues. As the evening kicks into full swing, the city takes a completely new personality, with street-side bars and music venues lighting up the city streets.


While Estonia is not known for its amazing food, Tallinn is the go-to hub for any foodies looking to taste what this country has to offer. Depending on which season you visit, you are likely to find different dishes, the summer season features more fresh ingredients with berries, herbs, vegetables that come from the farmland that cover’s 1/3 of Estonia’s country. The winter takes a different turn with the introduction of jam’s and pickles and the appetising verivorst (blood sausage), sepik bread and sauerkraut.  

Estonia’s national dish Muglipuder is a combination of potatoes, groats and meat, and has been a prominent dish throughout Estonian history. Rye bread is a must in Tallinn, as it is almost served with every dish, the locals have been creating this delicacy for centuries.

History and Nature

As one of Europe’s least crowded countries, Estonia has plenty of room for more important things. Whether you are interested in the city’s history or not, there is no doubting that Tallinn holds some of Europe’s best-hidden treasures and finding these is an experience in itself. From opulent art Museums to the landmark Toompea Castle which doubles as Estonia’s houses of parliament, there are several reasons to take a stroll in Tallinn. For great views of the city, you can walk a small section of the wall that is connected by three different towers, Nunna, Sauna and Kuldjala.

Finally, 52% of Estonia is covered in forest, making it one of the greenest countries in the world. Even inside Tallinn, there are plenty of natural parks to remind you of how important green space is to the locals.

With Estonia being one of the only countries in the world to have more tourists per year than its own population, there is a reason why so many people visit the capital each year. So, if you are interested in visiting Tallinn from the UK, call us today or contact us through our website.