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Why You Should Consider A Taster Cruise In 2019

Whether you are new to cruising or want to experiencesomething different, taster cruisers are the perfect way to make sure you'vepicked the correct cruise for you. With each cruise line offering a differentholiday, this is crucial, as you won't want to spend your time or money onsomething that doesn't suit your interests. So, here are a few reasons why youshould take a taster cruise in 2019.

Try Everything

As you may have only one or two nights to find out what youlove about the ship, you might want to try (almost) everything. Now, while thismight take away the factor of being pleasantly surprised when you get on board,the opportunity to find your top five favourite restaurants and pre-book themfor that longer cruise will help your dream cruise flow a lot easier. This isalso the same for activities on board, so you know which attractions to headfor straight away next time.

The only entertainment you may not want to spoil foryourself is the show. However, if the taster cruise is to set you up for asailing on a different vessel, or you are planning on taking your longer tripmuch later down the line, there's no chance of there being repeats.


Due to the nature of the cruise (many are for repositioningpurposes), these short cruise breaks can be really inexpensive. Plus, if youare just on board to see what the ship is like, picking a lower grade cabin isa great choice to keep your costs down. Alternatively, you can try a high-endcabin and see if the added amenities are worth it.

Some cruise lines will also give small amounts of onboardspending money as an incentive. This is the perfect opportunity to treatyourself to a speciality dining venue or an extra bottle of wine.


When taking a short cruise out of the UK, there can belimited choice as to where you can go, but the more nights you add to your cruise,the further you will be able to travel. For example, if you only take atwo-night mini-cruise you are likely to only visit somewhere like Honfleur,France for a day before sailing back.

If you are willing to take on an extra night, you canexperience cities including Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Also, you can take aone-night cruise (sometimes called party nights) where you won't actually leaveport, but you will still get the same opportunities to look around the ship andhave a fun-filled night.

Finally, being able to settle onto a vessel without having theinitial worries can help to kick-start the holiday of a lifetime.

So, even if you have never cruised before or you're lookingfor a change in the vessel to help reignite your passion for cruising, call ustoday on 0808 163 7523 or contact us through our website.